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Dermaplaning is an acne treatment procedure that is similar to dermabrasion in resurfacing the dermal level of the acne inflicted region. It is carried out in an outpatient surgery center, a hospital outpatient center or in a surgeon’s office with surgical facilities.

Both dermabrasion and dermaplaning use rotating instruments for treating acne scars. However in case of dermaplaning in Houston, a dermatome is used, which resembles and electric razor and blade that moves front and back. While doing this, the dermatome skims away the skin layers surrounding the acne and scars.

Dermaplaning is not only used for resurfacing the face or small skin areas, but also for freshening up one’s face. Dermaplaning effectively reduces the crater-like features left by severe acne attack by evening out skin levels.

Dermaplaning is not only restricted to women; men too can use it for removing acne scars through skin rejuvenation Houston. However not everyone can undergo dermaplaning. It is the physician who will be able to decide if dermaplaning is suitable for a prospective patient or not.

Factors that determine the candidate and length of procedure

The doctor makes the final decision based on various factors like the patient’s skin type, skin color and medical history. It is only if the patient meets all these requirements will dermaplaning give the best results on them.

The length of the dermaplaning procedure can span for a few minutes to a few hours, over a single procedure or a series of procedures, depending on the severity of the condition, and the patient’s medical history.

The various anesthetic options used for dermaplaning which will be decided by the doctor based on the patient’s wishes and the severity of acne and acne scars. Sometimes, local anesthesia may be used with some sedatives where the patient remains awake, but is relaxed. Numbing sprays may be used along with or instead of local anesthesia and in some cases; the patient sleeps through the procedure with general anesthesia.

Possible side effects

Be ready for some side effects of dermaplaning like sensitive, pink and swollen skin with some burning and tingling sensations. There may be some swelling and scabbing, and if dermaplaning is done on the face, eating and talking may be difficult for a few days after dermaplaning.

It is very important to use protection from the sun after dermaplaning to prevent complications arising after this acne scar removal treatment. Use sun screen on exposed skin whenever you go out.

Rachel Johnson writes on a wide variety of issues relating to Dermaplaning and acne treatment for Bella Rosa a Houston Acne Treatment and Dermaplaning skin rejuvenation clinic.

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