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Spider veins tend to appear as a person ages. For the most part, spider veins are not a health risk but they are unattractive and can make a man or woman feel self-conscious about the appearance of their legs. If other health conditions are involved or if a person just wants to get rid of the sight of the veins, doctors may recommend Sclerotherapy or AFT laser treatments. Each one has their benefits, which lets patients choose which one they would prefer to try first based on their condition and their doctor’s preferred method.

Sclerotherapy is often the first choice to those who do not mind needles. This procedure is done by having a sclerosing solution injected into the vein. The solution closes the veins that are causing the spider veins. Targeted microinjections are used with minimal to no discomfort. Patients may need more than one session to completely remove spider veins. If this is the case, sessions are spaced four weeks apart. Houston sclerotherapy has no downtime and has shown to be very successful for men and women.

While Sclerotherapy is a great choice for eliminating spider veins, some may not want to choose that procedure because of the needles. If this is the case, or if Sclerotherapy was not completely successful, doctors may recommend AFT laser treatments. It is a non-invasive laser treatment that is sometimes used as an additional treatment to Sclerotherapy. AFT converts short-wavelength light into part of the usable spectrum through a filter. The vessels are individually selected and heated so that they collapse. Multiple AFT treatments are often needed and are spaced six weeks apart.

Men and women that choose Sclerotherapy and AFT laser treatments are both excellent choices to get rid of spider veins. Although multiple treatments are needed, no downtime is required so each session can easily fit into a person’s schedule and lets them get back to what they need to do that same day. Both methods are highly successful and recommended by doctors.

Houston MedSpa, Bella Rosa, provides AFT laser treatments and Sclerotherapy for those who want to get rid of their spider veins. Other successful treatments they provide include laser tattoo removal and Botox in Houston.

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