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Dr. Mark Schusterman openly welcomed the landmark decision made on Friday, November 17, 2006 by the FDA to lift the ban on the use of silicone gel implants for cosmetic breast augmentation. This ban had been in place since 1991, not because of evidence stating the dangers, but rather the lack of data proving the gel implants were safe.

For the last 15 years, implant manufacturers and board certified plastic surgeons including Dr. Schusterman have worked together gathering data on implants used for reconstructive purposes. This data shows no outward health hazards from the use of gel implants, and the FDA has therefore approved the use of gel implants for cosmetic breast augmentation.

For patients requesting breast augmentation, this approval will expand current breast surgery options. Gel implants will be available with the tradeoff of being more expensive ($1000 – $1500 more) and require longer incisions for placement. Saline filled implants will still be an attractive option for patients looking at breast augmentation via small scar or endoscopic (scarless) techniques, and/or looking for the most economical procedure.

Dr. Schusterman looks forward to working with patients to determine whether this “new” resource is the best option for their image enhancing surgery.

About Dr. Mark Schusterman

Dr. Schusterman is double certified — Board Certified in Plastic Surgery and Board Certified in General Surgery. He is a well-known and successful educator, author and public speaker. He has performed thousands of surgeries, including breast augmentations, implants, lifts and reductions, breast reconstruction after mastectomy, and body and facial contouring procedures. A complete list and description of procedures can be found at

For more information about silicone get implants, you can call Dr. Schusterman’s office at 713-794-0368 or fill out a contact form at

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