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Dr. Mark Schusterman now includes transumbilical breast augmentation (TUBA) in his scope of cosmetic surgery procedures.

An endoscopic surgical procedure through the belly button, TUBA offers patients the option of a less invasive surgery than conventional breast augmentation procedures. The short surgery time (between 30 to 45 minutes) helps reduce the amount of anesthesia, operating room time and recovery time.

From the cosmetic perspective, one of the most sought-after advantages with TUBA is the virtually non-existent scar. The procedure involves a short “C” or “J” shaped incision which is easily hidden by the folds of the belly button.

Other TUBA benefits include less risk of injury to the sensory nerves of the nipple and breast and less likelihood of infection. Dr. Schusterman typically performs the procedure on an outpatient basis with the use of general or local anesthesia in an accredited Houston hospital.

Dr. Schusterman was personally trained by Dr. Gerald Johnson (retired), the inventor of TUBA, and since then has performed many TUBA surgeries.

Dr. Schusterman continuously seeks out advanced training in procedures that complement his practice and bring benefits to patients. He comments, “Since each person’s body is different, the ability to offer different surgery techniques is very important to my patients.”

About Dr. Mark Schusterman

Dr. Schusterman is double certified — Board Certified in Plastic Surgery and Board Certified in General Surgery. He is a well-known and successful educator, author and public speaker. He has performed thousands of surgeries, including breast augmentations, implants, lifts and reductions, breast reconstruction after mastectomy, and body and facial contouring procedures. A complete list and description of procedures can be found at

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