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A Houston plastic surgeon will often perform elective surgery on patients who want to change an already normal body part. However, there are times when a person must undergo non-elective surgery in order to reshape or reconstruct a body part back into something normal. This may happen after a car accident, sports injury, breast cancer, or birth deformities. Plastic surgeons can perform cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries on patients since most of them are the same procedures. The only difference is the reason behind getting the surgery done. Those that have non-elective plastic surgery often have the help of their medical insurance to pay for the medical costs.

Elective surgery is when a person chooses to have plastic surgery done on a body part that looks normal and is not effecting their health. Those that want larger breasts can have breast surgery or those that are unhappy with the size of their nose can have rhinoplasty surgery but it is then considered elective. On the other hand, a non-elective breast reconstruction Houston surgery can be when a woman has recently had a mastectomy that has left her with abnormal breast tissue or a man who has rhinoplasty after breaking his nose when playing a sport that is making it difficult for him to breath, therefore making it an important surgery.

Other non-elective plastic surgery procedures include getting rid of birth deformities, such as a cleft palate, or embarrassing birthmarks. Women with large breasts that have chronic back pain can seek solace with a non-elective breast reduction Houston or eyelid surgery when the excess skin is making it difficult to see. In order to determine if it is a health hazard men and women can speak with a plastic surgeon to discuss their options and to see if plastic surgery is right for them. Patients must also speak with their medical insurance company to see if the procedure is considered non-elective.

The top-rated plastic surgeons in Houston at MD Aesthetic Plastic Surgery have men and women looking younger and healthier after their visits. Their elective surgery procedures include facelifts Houston, laser hair removal, and their high-in-demand Houston breast augmentations.

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