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Endoscopic breast implantation is a new way to get breast implants without having to make it obvious to others that you have had work done. More and more women are choosing to get breast implants in a size that looks natural on their body frame but find that they cannot hide the fact that they got implants from romantic partners due to the scars left from the surgery. As with other surgery procedures, the idea of minimal incisions is gaining in popularity, and this is one instance where benefits are easy to find.

Benefits to Using Endoscopic Technology for Breast Implantation
Women who choose to have endoscopic breast implantation surgery will have a tiny incision in the armpit or belly button, which makes it extremely difficult to be noticed by others. A tiny camera is used to help the plastic surgeon place the implant and/or check the condition of an implant that is already there by using a viewing screen to see the image from the camera. This is very beneficial as it can alert surgeons if an implant needs to be removed before further damage is done. It can also help surgeons place the implant in its proper location to give the form of the breast exactly how the woman wants it.

Another major benefit to choosing this type of breast implant surgery is that women experience less recovery time due to having smaller incisions that need to heal. In today’s society, it can be hard for women to take a break from their life and recover from major surgery but endoscopic breast implantation can help them by reducing the overall recovery time.

Choose the Right Surgeon
Since endoscopic breast implantation surgery is relatively new, it is very important to choose a breast implant surgeon that has experience performing this procedure and has before and after photos so you can get an idea on what to expect with your surgery. A board-certified plastic surgeon experienced in endoscopic breast implant surgery is your best option.

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