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Getting an ideal avenue of permanently shedding unwanted fat can prove to be hectic and daunting at times. However, with the right strategy, you can easily lose weight and never regain it in future. Liposuction has been gaining popularity among thousands of people embarking on weight loss. The process involves a surgery where small cuts are made in the body and blunt tipped tubes inserted and fat suctioned out through the tubes. If you are not cautious enough, you can easily gain weight after liposuction. Here are some exercises to keep off weight after the process.


Jogging for a few kilometers every day can help you keep excess weight at bay after the liposuction. It helps in increasing your metabolism rate hence increasing the rate at which the fat is shed around the belly and your thighs.

Sit ups

Sit ups aim at reducing belly fat after liposuction which enables you to maintain your desired body size. This also increases your metabolism rate meaning that the rate at which you lose weight is also increased.

Frog matching

This is yet another important weight loss exercise that can work wonders to help you keep unnecessary weight off after the surgical process. It aims at fat building up around your thighs and belly. Make an effort of frog matching for about 30 minutes a day.

Dumbbell swing

This exercise aims at exercising your shoulders, chest and abs. by increasing the metabolism rate, you are able to lose any unnecessary fat in several parts of the body. There are several techniques that can be applied to make the swing effective, but doing it while sited is recommended.

Lateral jumps

Lateral jumps are meant for exercising your legs, but aims at shedding fat around the belly and your thighs. You are supposed to jump upright as you move forward for a few meters, but repeat the process for a number of times.

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