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So you are thinking of undergoing a liposuction procedure to get rid of that stubborn fat that does not heed to exercise and diet. Well, you do know that liposuction is a procedure wherein the fat is surgically removed from localized areas. This is why liposuction is suggested to fix all those problem areas in the body where you can easily pinch fat.

While your doctor ensures you will heal fairly quickly after the liposuction surgery, the swelling generally disappears after 6-12 months of the procedure. However, like any other surgery, you will definitely wonder how you will look after the liposuction, before you finally decide whether you should undergo a liposuction or not.

Wear compression garments

You will be swollen immediately after the liposuction procedure and your doctor will advise you to wear a post-surgery compression garment. When the garment is removed, you will feel that you look improved when you look at yourself in the mirror.

However you will not see any immediate drastic changes. Don’t worry as this is normal, and the swelling generally rapidly subsides within the first one or two weeks of your procedure.

You find the areas of liposuction dramatically improving a few weeks after your procedure. Remember that Houston liposuction does not help remove much weight, but does help remove fat in the isolated areas, like in the case of BodyTite liposuction. Your overall figure thus appears more aesthetically pleasing as your tummy turns flatter, your butt sags less and your thighs are slimmer than before.

Skin firms up and tightens

In addition to all this, you notice that your skin tends to firm up and tighten over the first few weeks of your completing the procedure. The long-term swelling associated with liposuction takes 6 to 12 months to completely go away.

It is very important that within this time span, you start and maintain a regular diet and exercise regimen. So by this time, you will have a shapelier figure wherein you will not feel abnormal or different in any way at all. Your body too gets adjusted with having less fat to carry around.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle to maintain your figure

To get the best results, and to look your best after your liposuction procedure, your doctor will advise you to wear a compression garment, take massages in the area as directed, take some anti-inflammatory to control the swelling and of course, to maintain a healthy lifestyle of diet and exercise. Without regular exercise, there is a high chance of your growing fat again.

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