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Procedure for Forehead Lift & Brow Lift

Eyebrow and forehead lifts require loosening of the skin in their respective areas. Inconspicuous incisions in skin folds or hair-bearing areas allow the adjacent skin to be separated from its underlying muscle. The skin and underlying muscles are tightened and the area is sutured snugly (fixed) in place, loose bandages are applied and the patient often returns home on the day of the surgery. Typically, forehead lift procedures are performed using either local or general anesthesia, in the plastic surgeon’s office, the outpatient facility or at a hospital.

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Endotine Forehead Explained

Recently, Dr. Schusterman has been using the Endotine Forehead which is a bioabsorbable implant that simplifies the procedure of tightening the skin and eliminates the need for a cumbersome fixation suture. The device is fast to deploy (reducing operating time), allows for simple and secure adjustment of tension, and gives Dr. Schusterman greater control of brow height and shape for optimized clinical and aesthetic results.

After Forehead/Brow Lift Surgery

Pain is relieved with oral medications for the first day or two. Bruising and swelling subside in seven to 14 days. The patient will then be able to return to work and social situations but may be advised to avoid the sun and strenuous activities for several weeks. Scars will fade over time and are hidden by the hairline. Results can last up to 15 years.

As with any medical procedure, there are certain risks associated with a forehead lift, which should be discussed with a qualified physician. If you are interested in forehead lift surgery, contact Dr. Schusterman’s plastic surgery center in Houston at 713-794-0368 today to learn more.

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