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A med spa can be the right balance you are looking for between a doctor’s office and day spa. A med spa must be under the supervision of a medical doctor but that does not particularly mean they will be the one giving you your treatment. Similar to when you are looking for a new hair stylist, doctor, or dentist it is best to do your research to know which med spas are trustworthy and which ones you should avoid. To do this, write a list of questions to ask multiple med spas to get an indication on how they operate while getting a first-hand view of the establishment.

Ask who owns and operates the procedure. Each state has different regulations and it is wise to look up these before making a visit. Find out if the medical spa is owned by a doctor or cosmetic surgeon and if he or she is on the premises to supervise operations and/or perform treatments. Some states do not require them to actually be on the premises. If this is a concern of yours it is best to look elsewhere.

Always know who will be performing your procedure. Ask about the licencing and training of the person who does the treatment and how long they have been doing this exact procedure. When it comes to laser treatments, not all states require a license but if they are improperly trained you could be very badly burned. Ask to see before and after photos of their work or find a med spa with a person licensed to work laser equipment.

Do your research to know what the most up-to-date technology and equipment is for the treatment you want. Find out what equipment a medical spa has on-site and ensure they own it instead of rent it. Also, know that some treatments require expensive equipment, which is why the price of the procedure is higher than other similar treatments.

Go with your gut feeling when you visit the medical spa. If it is unclean and the staff do not seem knowledgeable in the treatments they offer it is best to try somewhere else.

Bella Rosa is a top-rated Houston Med Spa that helps their patients look and feel younger with the various treatments they offer ranging from laser hair removal to Botox injections. Their professional staff offers custom treatments designed to meet their beauty needs in a comfortable and relaxing environment.

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