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Houston rosacea treatments has become a welcomed solution for those that suffer from this skin condition. It often affects women who are in their second or third decade of life and flare-ups are often triggered from hot weather, exercise, sun, emotional stress, alcohol, spicy foods, and baths. The exact cause of rosacea is unknown and many people prevent flare-ups by staying away from triggers. However, others may need to turn to a plastic surgeon for the help they need. With so many technology advances today, a plastic surgeon can safely reduce the effects of rosacea when other treatments have been unsuccessful.

Stop Battling Rosacea with AFT

A Houston plastic surgeon can perform Advanced Fluorescent Technology, or AFT, to control rosacea and reduce the need to use antibiotics and topical cortisone treatments. This type of rosacea treatment only treats the areas affected by rosacea and leaves surrounding healthy tissue undamaged. During treatment, a plastic surgeon exposes skin to AFT light treatments that destroys blood vessels in rosacea lesions on any skin type.

The amount of rosacea treatments needed is determined by the patient’s desired outcome. Usually, a Houston plastic surgeon will perform five treatments that last 15 to 45 minutes for the patient to experience optimal results. Some patients may experience minor side effects, including the skin appearing flushed immediately after treatment. Temporary blistering and swelling is rare. The best way to prevent side effects is to refrain from sun exposure for several weeks before and after each treatment.

Rosacea is an embarrassing skin condition that affects about 10% of adults. Furthermore, rosacea causes the skin to warm up which can encourage bacteria to grow that causes pimples and bumps. Some of those can easily prevent rosacea flare-ups by staying away from specific triggers without any help from a plastic surgeon. However, if other methods have failed, rosacea sufferers can find a plastic surgeon in Houston to explain the procedure and learn how much of a difference they can experience after treatments.

The top-rated plastic surgeons in Houston at MD Aesthetic Plastic Surgery help women with their advanced rosacea treatments. Men and women can benefit from other plastic surgery procedures they perform, including tummy tucks Houston and Houston facelifts.

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