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Lip enhancement options vary on how long patients see results. They can last from a few years to permanently depending on which injectable filler is used. Lip enhancements can work for the lower lip, upper lip, or both. Knowing the different types of lip enhancements can help you decide on which you would prefer to use. Restylane and fat injections are available for temporary results, while the Perma Facial Implant offers a permanent lip enhancement.

Temporary Lip Augmentations Offer Various Durations

Although permanent lip enhancements are available, the temporary options are a great choice for those who have never had this type of procedure done or do not want to use an implant for fuller lips. This lets men and women see how they look with a lip enhancement Houston so if they do like it they can explore the more permanent option. Restylane injections, which consist of hyaluronic acid, take less than half an hour and have immediate results. The length of time this method lasts for depends on the patient but it averages from six months to a year.

The other temporary option is fat injections, with treatment times running from under an hour to a few hours. Results can last a few months to several years. A cosmetic surgeon takes patients’ own fat cells from unwanted fat deposits and injects the fat under the skin of the lip.

Enjoy Lasting Results with Permanent Lip Enhancements

Perma Facial Implants provide permanent results by inserting a soft silicone implant into the lip using local anesthesia. The procedure lasts for about 30 minutes and patients can resume normal activities the next day. This options is great for those who have tried the non-permanent lip enhancement treatments and were satisfied with their results but want more permanent results.

Whichever method you choose you will experience fuller lips with little to no downtime. An experienced cosmetic surgeon will personalize your treatment so you are completely satisfied with your fuller lips that look natural.

The Houston plastic surgeons at MD Aesthetics Plastic Surgical Center are experts in the disciplines of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery in Houston.  In addition to providing their patients with lip enhancements, Makeover for Moms and SmartLipo laser liposuction, they are leaders in the TRAM flap procedure for Houston breast reconstruction and Houston breast implants.

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