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Skin is the important part of the body that shows off our ageing instantly. The elasticity of the skin reduces and it becomes saggy. The skin the neck is the first one to hang down than the face, and make us look awful. Neck lift cosmetic surgery will be a wonderful proposal in that case. Neck lift Cosmetic surgery has two important procedures to reverse it. First one is ceroplasty while the second is playsmaplasty.

In the above procedures, either the extra skin is removed or the muscle in the neck is contoured. It could be coupled with a liposuction procedure in Houston in case of excess fat presence. If more wrinkles are to be found then Botox treatment will be simultaneously done to fade of wrinkles. A simple neck lift procedure alone will only take two hours to complete the procedure unless it is coupled with some other cosmetic procedures.

Based on the physical condition and the skin elasticity of the patient, the surgeon will decide on how invasive the surgery will be. Generally, people who undergo a neck lift will choose to take some other body contouring procedure as well.

The surgery will be performed with a hairline incision near the ears and it is done by giving anesthesia as the patient should not feel the pain. Recovery time after the surgery is couple of week or as suggested by the Houston aesthetic surgeon based on the medical condition.

Though this procedure is said to be risk-free, a few minor side effects will be experienced by the patients for some time. it includes swelling, numbness around neck, bruise, discomfort due to the sudden tightness of skin around the neck etc. but this should not last for more than 2 months.

Something that I have to honestly communicate in this write up is this procedure is not covered by health insurance as it is cosmetic change to enhance one’s appearance.

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