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Treatments at a Medical Spa in Houston does not mean patients have to endure an invasive surgery to get the results they want. Yet medspas offer better products and services administered by a professional while products bought in a store may not be strong enough. A non-invasive skin care procedure such as DermaPlaning exfoliates the skin and reduces deep acne scars. The results leave patients with an overall smoother complexion.

Houston DermaPlaning is mostly used for those that have acne scars left from cystic acne but others may use a gentler form of this treatment for regular exfoliation.Treatment times vary since the process can be customized for each patient. It may only take a few minutes for some and a full hour for others. DermaPlaning can be used on any area of the face and patients can have both small or large areas treated. Since this procedure is customizable it is an excellent way to remove acne while leaving other healthy areas of the skin alone.

See Skin Rejuvenation in Three Months

Patients who do DermaPlaning can see results within three months after the treatment is completed. Since new skin is emerging during this time the plastic surgeon in Houston will discuss with their patients how to properly care for the treated areas. Avoiding sun exposure is extremely important during this time. Immediately after treatment patients are prescribed medication to reduce tingling and aching sensations. The area may also be red and swollen but it fades over time.

Anyone that has questions regarding DermaPlaning in Houston can locate a reputable MedSpa with qualified plastic surgeons to discuss the procedure and what the patient can expect when the full effects of the treatment are complete after three months. Skin rejuvenation can help patients have more self-esteem in their appearance by removing acne scars they developed over the years. Houston plastic surgeons make sure to answer any questions their patients have regarding the procedure and if their acne scars are treatable with this procedure.

Houston MedSpa, Bella Rosa Clinic, professionally exfoliates facial skin with DermaPlaning for a smoother complexion. When looking for a MedSpa in Houston, they offer high-quality treatments such as chemical peels, spider vein reduction, and Botox injections in Houston.

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