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Since most people use plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery Houston interchangeably, it is no wonder that they do not know that there is a slight difference between the two. A plastic surgeon in Houston may perform both types of surgeries, but it is why the procedure is being done that makes the difference between it being plastic or cosmetic.

Plastic surgery is also known as reconstructive surgery because it takes an abnormal body part and reconstructs it so it appears normal. Those may elect to have reconstructive surgery because the body part is causing health problems or because they want to change the abnormal facial or body structure so it looks better. After breast cancer, patients often elect to have breast augmentation Houston done to reshape the breast, nipple, or areola after the cancer is removed and this would be considered reconstructive surgery. Correcting a cleft lip, birth defect, or broken nose also fall under plastic surgery.

Patients choose cosmetic surgery when they simply want to improve a normal body part. Usually, a patient wants to appear more attractive by having a cosmetic procedure. Breast lifts Houston, implants, and reductions are considered a cosmetic surgery procedure because the surgeon is changing the body part that is already normal into something more attractive that the patient has elected to do. Anti-aging procedures also fall under cosmetic surgery that are commonly performed to turn back time on a person’s appearance.

A plastic surgeon in Houston can perform both plastic and cosmetic surgeries since they are oftentimes the same procedures. It is the reason why the patient is getting the procedure that classifies it as cosmetic or reconstructive. No matter what, patients must choose a licensed surgeon that has the proper qualifications and experience performing whichever type of procedure they want done so their results look natural, firm, and healthy.

The expertise of the Houston plastic surgeons at MD Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is accentuated by their concern for their patients and their drive to give them the best experience during their procedures. They provide cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, such as Houston laser hair removal, tummy tuck, and breast augmentation Houston.

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