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People consider a tummy tuck for various reasons. One reason is the sagging of skin around the abdominal region that leads to a protruding belly. In addition to this, patients who have undergone prior surgeries, pregnancy or who have undergone major weight loss are all possible candidates for this operation.

A tummy tuck is great for those looking for help at removing the extra fat and skin from their abdominal region. It also helps repair the weakened muscles in the stomach region to create a tighter physique. While a tummy tuck does create a flatter stomach, you cannot lose much weight because of it.

Only A Few Pounds

As mentioned above, a tummy tuck is best for those looking for a flatter stomach by removing the excess fat and skin around the abdominal region. Moreover, tummy tuck results don’t just end after the surgery, you have to maintain them too.

This is why surgeons suggest waiting for 3-6 months so that your weight stabilizes before undergoing a tummy tuck. While a tummy tuck helps you get as close to your goal weight as possible and maintain it without any surgical assistance, if you do not maintain your weight, there is a greater risk of gaining the weight back after surgery.

So if you wonder how much weight can I lose from tummy tuck surgery, not much. The procedure helps shed fat and skin from the stomach region, which does not weigh much. On an average, you may lose a few pounds. So if you want to lose lots of weight, it’s better following a good fitness regimen as a tummy tuck does not accomplish much here.

You Can Gain Weight

Many people think that a tummy tuck prevents weight gain. This is however wrong as a tuck only firms and flattens the abdomen to a certain point. As the muscles surrounding the surgical field weakens during the recovery phase, if you do not have regular exercise, you will gain weight.

It is not enough to just go on a diet; you need some exercise or physical activity to maintain your figure. Not only does exercise help maintain your physique, it also helps prevent blood clots, tone muscles, reduce swelling and even help in the healing process.

The Final Step

It is because of all this that an abdominoplasty or tummy tuck should be used as the final step in a weight loss step and not the first. A tummy tuck helps define existing contours by removing those extra inches that no work out eliminates. However if you don’t work out as soon as you recover, you lose all the progress you had made.

So a tummy tuck does not help you lose much weight, only a few pounds. It just helps you maintain and contour the body you achieve after committed dieting and exercise, and with the right commitment and maintenance after the surgery, you definitely end up more satisfied with the final result.

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