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Plastic surgery is a very old practice with proof of it happening in ancient Egypt and Asia through skin grafts. Once anesthesia was properly used in the 19th century there began to be more reconstructive procedures, such as surgeries to correct injuries in war, as well as cosmetic surgeries, such as face lifts. However, it was still frowned upon and had a stigma of only being done for vanity reasons. Over the years society has started accepting plastic surgery more and more and with the growth of technology it is now much safer.

When Plastic Surgery Blossomed
It is easy to say that plastic surgery was not something that happened overnight. Proper sanitation methods and safety precautions have had to be developed to keep patients safe during their procedure. Cosmetic surgery really took off in the 20th century as procedures like face lifts, breast augmentations, rhinoplasty, and others were improved upon. It was not long before elective surgeries were nearly as common as corrective surgeries.

One of the most popular plastic surgery procedures that helped this growth, and is still popular today, was liposuction. Once people saw how it can help remove fat they quickly realized what plastic surgery can do for them. Plastic surgeons now see more people coming in for vanity reasons instead of choosing a surgery to correct a deformity or defect. The stigma of plastic surgery has all but disappeared, especially with the large Baby Boomer generation discovering what plastic surgery can do for them.

The Future of Plastic Surgery
Scientists believe that plastic surgery will become less invasive in the future thanks to the research going into manipulating stem cells. There is hope to eliminate the use of knives completely and only require simple injections. Only time will tell before new technology is developed and approved in the field of plastic surgery.




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