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Antiaging Botox cosmetic injections have been around for years and many people are completely satisfied with their results. Unfortunately, some have developed what is known as ‘Botox Freeze.’ Frozen facial features, such as on the forehead, have become well known and is easily spotted. Some men and women avoid Botox because they are afraid they will have an unnatural look to their face. Luckily there are ways to avoid ‘Botox freeze’ that are easy to follow.

First, the physician who performs Houston Botox injections needs to have experience in order to do it correctly. Experience helps them properly place the injections and know how long between treatments are needed for optimal results without freezing the features of the face. Simply ask the physician how long they have been providing Botox to patients and how many treatments they have performed.

Another way to avoid a frozen face is spreading out treatments. Every person is different regarding how quickly their body breaks down the solution, which results in the Botox gradually losing its power. Once again, an experienced physician will know if it is too soon for another treatment. Smaller doses may be given to extend the results but it is important that these doses are carefully measured.

Where the injection sites are can effect how natural a person’s face looks. Concentrating along the eyebrows and crow’s feet areas instead of the forehead makes it look very natural without interfering with the movement of the forehead. Smaller injections of Botox in the right areas help prevent ‘Botox freeze’ while providing men and women with the results they want.

To learn more about antiaging Botox injections, visit a med spa to discuss who does the injections, how much it costs, and how often injections can be given. The more you know the less likely you are to suffer from a frozen face that is caused by too much Botox.

Bella Rosa, a Houston Med Spa, has certified physicians available to inject Botox safely for a natural look. They strive to make everyone who leaves their clinic look and feel better about their skin. Some of their treatments include laser skin tightening, Houston Juvederm, and Houston laser hair removal.

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