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Breast implants can help boost a woman’s confidence and give her the self-esteem she deserves. However, many prefer others not to know that they have had any surgery done but this can be hard if the implants give them away. Even if you avoid getting breasts that look too large for your frame there are still things a surgeon can do to make it look obvious that you have gotten implants. Luckily these things can be discussed beforehand so you are sure to be satisfied with your results.

First, women with little body fat will find it harder to have naturally looking breast implants. This is because without fat on the body the implants cannot smoothly enlarge the breast. This is even worse if the surgeon puts the implants on top of the chest muscle. In order to soften and hide breast implant surgery, a cosmetic surgeon should insert the implant underneath the chest muscle so it looks more natural.

Another thing to avoid is not filling the implants enough and having a visible scar. Women who choose to have breast implants inserted through the armpit generally have a more prominent scar. If done properly it will not be a problem, however, if the cosmetic surgeon were to not fill the implant with enough saline it can give your surgery away. Of course, if the implant is filled too much it may harden up the implants, which also makes them look unnatural.

Having breast implants that are spread too far apart is another thing to avoid when interested in enlarging your breasts. A cosmetic surgeon that is experienced should know how to adjust the implants so they sit at a natural place on the chest. All in all, women need to choose the right size for their body, use silicone over saline, and have them inserted underneath the muscle.

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