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Choosing the right size breast implant is not easy during Houston breast augmentation as there are so many shapes and sizes available in the market. However if you follow the help of these tips, you find it rather easy choosing the right sized breast implants.

Discuss with your plastic surgeon

The best person to help you choose the right sized implants is your plastic surgeon. An experienced plastic surgeon in Houston will be able to choose the implant that suits your personality and look you will be happy with.


The right implant size is not based on your cup size but your body size. Specifically, it compares and considers your breast measurements with your chest and rib cage. Both too big and too small implants look fake.

The best way to avoid this problem is by having your surgeon take measurements during your consultation and accordingly choose the right implant. So be careful if your surgeon does not take any measurements and if so, ask for an explanation for his actions as it is practically impossible to choose the right implant without taking measurements.

Check samples

Your surgeon will show you various sized and shaped breast implant samples and feel both saline and silicone implants. Considering the pros and cons of each type of implant, you will be able to choose the right implants for your surgery.

Compare before and after pictures

Check as many before and after photos with your plastic surgeon and online and talk about the different features of breast implants like its shape, size, space, fullness and roundness till you choose your favourite 3 photos. As your doctor knows which sized implants were used in all his before and after photos, he can easily help you find the right sized breast implant.

Adjustable breast implants

If you just can’t decide on the best breast implant you are comfortable with, you could consider adjustable breast implants. Minor adjustments can be made to the size of these implants after surgery, which though a great feature, has some disadvantages. The first is that you can’t have silicone implants as they are not adjustable.

The second advantage of adjustable breast implants is that you need to undergo a second surgery to remove the port used for adjusting the implant size. This port is located under the skin near the implant and every time the implant has to be adjusted, your surgeon accesses the port with a needle to add or remove saline. The port is surgically removed when you are happy with your implant size.

However though these implants are available, it is better taking some time taking measurements and looking at photos to choose the right implant instead of inflating and deflating the implants after surgery.

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