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A Houston laser tattoo removal clinic may say they are the best in the area but there are a lot of factors to consider when deciding which one to trust. The equipment they use, who performs the treatment, and cost can all play a role on which one you decide is the best in your area.

Ask About their Equipment

One major factor that can help you decide which laser tattoo removal clinic to use is what type of equipment they have on site. Older laser equipment will not work as well as the new equipment with updated technology. Some of the older lasers cannot get rid of certain colors of ink that are commonly used. When you speak to a tattoo removal clinic you can ask them about the model they own, how old it is, and how long they have owned it to be experienced with it.

It is good to know that it is harder to get rid of a tattoo that is more recent and may require more sessions no matter how new the equipment is. Tattoos that are twenty years old will require less sessions and are typically easier to remove. This may not be a problem for all but the overall cost can increase the younger the tattoo is. Inquire about the overall cost to ensure you are financially capable.

Who Performs the Treatment?

Unfortunately states vary on their requirements to work with laser equipment. It is mandatory in some states to be certified but other states are not as strict. Ask who will be doing your laser tattoo removal treatment. Ideally you would like to speak with that person for your consultation. Ask what training they have had with the equipment, how many years they have been doing it, and any other questions you have about the procedure. If you are unsure about a technician you speak with it is best to visit a different clinic.

Bella Rosa is a Houston Med Spa that performs laser tattoo removal on men and women experiencing tattoo regret or are unhappy with the way the design turned out. Their professional staff dedicates their time to learn exactly what you want to achieve and designs a custom treatment plan for you. Some of the custom treatments they offer include Houston chemical peels, laser acne treatments, and Botox injections.

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