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SmartLipo continues to grow in popularity as both men and women learn about its benefits over traditional liposuction when it comes to how well it works and its better comfort levels. However, it is very important for patients to take care of themselves after surgery in order to make it worth it. In order to maintain your new look you have to be dedicated to a healthy lifestyle to avoid packing on the pounds once again.

Diet and Exercise

Most surgeons will ask about your exercise routine and typical diet to ensure you can maintain your new weight after liposuction. Due to the minimal recovery time associated with laser liposuction, people can get back to work and their daily routine very quickly. As soon as patients feel they are ready, which can be as little as a few days to a few weeks depending on their personal situation, they should start an exercise routine they can stick to. Always take it easy immediately after surgery but as your body heals you can determine when you can turn it up a notch to get the most out of your work out.

A healthy diet can start immediately after surgery. If you are unsure how to eat a balanced diet, consider speaking with a nutritionist before you have liposuction so you can get in the healthy habit and give your body the nutrients it needs to help itself heal after surgery. Learning how to eat right combined with exercise will make it much easier for you to maintain your new body while improving your overall health.

Realistic Goals

To truly get the most out of your SmartLipo surgery, it is extremely important to have realistic expectations for what you will look like afterward. Your body’s metabolism may not be able to maintain a size 0. Instead of hurting yourself and your body, speak with a plastic surgeon who has experience and can help determine what is realistic for you to maintain.


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