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Laser hair removal does not require a lot of work in order to see results. However, to achieve optimal results there are some things you can do at home in between sessions. It does not take a lot of time on your part and often it just takes a little work to remember what you can and cannot do at home that will help you see better results and save money on the cost of laser hair removal.

Six Weeks Prior to Treatment
Do not wax or tweeze your hair six weeks before you go in for a laser hair removal treatment. This is because you want to avoid damaging the hair follicle. Also, do not tan or use tanning cream during this time. Darker skin makes it harder for the technician to find the hair follicle, which is why light skin and dark hair work best for laser hair removal results. There are special lasers that will target darker skin and hair.

Three Days Before Treatment
Shave the areas that are going to be treated three days before your hair removal appointment. This is to create stubble that is easy for the technician to find and remove, which reduces the amount of time a session takes. This results in the process going faster, which may mean you need less sessions and save money.

Two Days Before Treatment
Use an exfoliating gel on your skin two days before your upcoming laser hair removal session. This helps open up your pores and along with the stubble, your technician will easily find hair follicles to target.

After a Laser Hair Removal Session
Use Aloe Vera cream on the treated areas so the skin heals faster. The faster your skin heals the faster your hair will start to fall out. When you are taking a shower, pad the treated area with soap instead of rubbing it. You will notice that within five days hair will start falling out on its own.

Five days after a session you can start to use a soft sugar scrub in the shower to help progress the process of removing hair. You can continue to do this until the skin has completely healed.


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