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Botox is a fast way to take years off of your face when it is done correctly. Unfortunately, it is easy to find horror stories on the Internet about how people have had to deal with a frozen face because the person injecting the Botox was not certified to do so and did not take the proper precautions. When done correctly, Botox will look natural and nobody will have to know that you have had some minor work done.

Tips for Botox Users

1. Go home and make different facial expressions in the mirror. Laugh, smile, frown, and talk while watching your face to make sure everything looks even. When you normally do facial expressions you are not looking in a mirror, but are looking at friends and by doing this yourself you will be able to see what others see.

2. Choose a close friend and ask if they notice anything “off” about you. Obviously, you will want to pick a friend that will be honest with you and can keep your secret of using Botox if it is something you do not want publicly known.

3. Schedule an appointment for a follow up two weeks after you have your Botox injections. Two-weeks is best since it can take that long for the solution to settle in. Your doctor will look for uneven eyebrows or an unnatural peak in both of them. If adjustments need to be made they will do so for the best results. It is very important to never skip this step if you choose to have Botox.

Less is More with Botox

The best way to look natural with Botox is to not over do it. If you are injected with too much of this solution it will look very unnatural and obvious to others that you went overboard when you are not able to show expressions with your face. A doctor who is experienced injecting Botox will know when enough time has passed where it is safe to use more without “freezing” your face.


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