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A body lift can be the final step a person thinks he or she has with their weight loss process. However, it could be considered to be just the beginning since it takes dedication to maintain the body in its new shape and size. The plan of action a person takes after body lift surgery is discussed with their plastic surgeon prior to surgery but it is a commitment to one’s self to be successful.

When to Begin Exercising After Surgery

The key to success for maintaining your new body weight and shape is to keep a workout routine that is reasonable. Body lift surgery is hard on the body and you will be extremely limited when it comes to how much movement you can do. Walking is encouraged, mainly to prevent blood clots, but some patients need the help of crutches for the first few days since it can be hard to stand upright.

Within a week many patients can expect to have a modified daily routine they can follow that will give their body the movement it needs without causing it harm. After two weeks patients can return to their regular daily activities as long as they avoid strenuous activities, such as lifting, bending, and exercising. Going for walks is recommended to help your body stay healthy during this recovery period.

It can be a few weeks before your doctor allows you to take on other exercise activities, and even then it is highly unlikely you can jump back into the exercise routine you did before surgery. However, eating a balanced diet during your recovery time will help the healing process and you will gradually be able to do more things with your body, including cardio and strength exercises.

In order to maintain your body after a body lift, you must not push yourself too quickly or you will experience negative side effects that may require additional surgery. Listen to your plastic surgeon and follow their advice since they will also want you to stay healthy without putting yourself at further risk.

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