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If you no longer want to have your tattoo, and are thinking of getting it removed, laser tattoo removal is an effective tattoo removal option. However instead of just undergoing various sessions to get your tattoo removed, here are some tips that will help maximize the effects of laser tattoo removal.

It is generally advised to give a break of 4-6 weeks in between laser removal sessions for complete removal of the tattoo. However, most people get the consequent session within 4 weeks of the first session, to quickly remove their tattoo.

However it is actually better to wait for at least 2 months in between sessions for maximum results. This is because though your skin may look healed on the outside, when the blisters heal and the ink portions get absorbed by the body, your lymphatic system may not heal.

The lymphatic system is a system of filters and fluids that removes stowaway particles from the body. So you have to wait for the system to get a complete cleanse before you have your second session, lest the first laser tattoo removal session goes to waste.

Consequently, you have to work at flushing your lymphatic system by eating more of raw nuts and berries, and lots of raw juices. Avoid sugars and pastas, and drink as much water as possible to clear your body of wastes, and get it ready for the unwanted ink particles that arise after the next laser tattoo removal session.

Stop smoking, drinking and taking narcotics as they will slow down the healing process, and even give reason for additional laser tattoo removal sessions. This is especially important if you have a large tattoo, as your body will find it difficult healing with thee additional chemicals in your system.

Exercising helps with tattoo removal as it makes white blood cells flow faster, and in the process, save you lots of time.

Use the help of these tips in maximizing the efficiency of the laser tattoo removal process. You are sure to save lots of laser tattoo removal time and money this way.

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