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Women choose to undergo a labiaplasty for various reasons like a cure for genital pain, for cosmetic reasons or to enhance their sexual satisfaction. In labiaplasty Houston, the inner lips (labia minora) or the outer lips (labia majora) or both are trimmed and shaped.

Labia minora are the inner flaps that cover the clitoris and vagina while the labia majora are the labia found on the outside of the body. They are trimmed and shaped because of the labia elongate or become asymmetrical because of various reasons like sexual intercourse, genetics, childbirth, and aging.

Consult with your surgeon

If you plan to undergo secondary labiaplasty surgery, it is better to first have a consultation with your doctor to find out if you are a favorable candidate. The most appropriate candidates for labia reduction surgery are fully developed young and adult women who are in good health.

However, women with underlying medical conditions that limit elective surgery are not good candidates. Remember that labiaplasty is not meant to enhance sexual pleasure; there are other procedures for this which your surgeon will suggest.

No cigarettes or alcohol

If you decide to undergo labiaplasty and are a good candidate for the surgery, there are some things you have to do in preparation for the surgery. You have to stop smoking and drinking alcohol for a minimum of a week before the surgery.

Besides, your surgeon will ask you to stop taking some medications including aspirin, blood thinners, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs before the surgery as they all increase the risk of bleeding.

No sex

Some herbal remedies like vitamin E, green tea, omega-3 fatty acids and gingko Biloba also increase bleeding risk both during and after surgery. This is why you have to inform your surgeon about everything you take your daily medication. It is not at all advisable to abruptly stop taking any medication without talking to your doctor.

It is also not advised to have any sexual intercourse on the night before the labia reduction surgery. This is about all the preparation you have to make before your cosmetic vaginal surgery procedure.

Find out if Labiaplasty procedures might be right for you. You can also meet one of the best plastic surgeons in Houston, Dr Mark, and learn more about these procedures by visiting their Houston Labiaplasty Clinic.

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