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Spider vein reduction can be done using treatments, such as sclerotherapy and AFT laser treatments, from a doctor. Both methods have proven to be very successful for women who want better looking legs without spider veins keeping them hidden behind pants. However, there are some things women can do at home to help reduce spider veins that can be done alone or along with professional spider vein reduction treatments from a doctor. In fact, home remedies often help decrease the amount of time and sessions it takes to get rid of spider veins through sclerotherapy or AFT laser treatments.

It must be noted that before taking any medications, even those with natural ingredients, you should discuss it with your doctor to ensure no negative side effects will occur from other medications you are taking or interfere with any medical issues you are experiencing.

Home Remedies for Spider Vein Reduction


Taking 40 mg of gingko biloba extract three times a day will help strengthen tissue that forms vein walls. It will also enhance tissue oxygenation and improve circulation. A 50:1 standardized gingko extract is recommended to see the best results for helping remove spider veins.

Witch hazel can be an external treatment for spider veins by soaking a cotton ball in witch hazel extract and applying it directly to the area with spider veins a few times a day. Most drug stores and natural food stores sell distilled witch hazel extract that can be used in this way.

To help strengthen veins that have lost their elasticity, take 250 mg of standardized horse chestnut extract one a day. There are also topical creams that contain horse chestnut that can be applied to the affected areas on a regular basis. Using both of these methods will provide you with optimal results.

Finally, soaking a cloth with apple cider vinegar and using it as a compress once or twice a day on your spider veins for 15 to 20 minutes at a time can also help reduce the signs of spider veins.

All of the above methods can be done until your spider veins have disappeared. The length of time this takes is different for every person but when done with sclerotherapy or AFT laser treatments, women often see quicker results.


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