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Breast implants and your breasts need to be taken care of after surgery. This will give you optimal results as well as help with your recovery. Your plastic surgeon that performs your breast augmentation will give you paperwork that describes how to care for your implants prior to surgery. It is in your best interest to carefully follow these directions.

Regarding Your Dressings Post Breast Implant Surgery

You will not be surprised to know that your breasts will be swollen after your Houston breast implant surgery. Swelling and mild bruising will gradually decrease after a couple of weeks. The dressings your surgeon uses will include steri-strips or skin tape. It is important to keep this on, but other dressings can usually be removed after 24 hours. You can wash over the steri-strips and blot dry without worrying about them falling off before they should. They will eventually fall off on their own. You can apply gauze dressings for one week if needed.

Hygiene After Breast Implant Surgery

You can typically resume showering after 24 hours. However, your plastic surgeon will ask that you avoid standing water, such as in baths, swimming pools, hot tubs, lakes, oceans, etc for two weeks after breast implant surgery.

Avoid wearing an underwire bra since they can affect the position of your breast implants. Instead, use a soft, post-surgical bra or wide elastic bandage that is removed during a shower but can be put back on after.

Women sent home with drains will need to empty the drainage bulb three times each day and record the amount of fluid. This information will help your surgeon know when the drains can be removed.

Do not forget about the breast massage techniques your Houston plastic surgeon recommends to avoid capsular contracture. This generally begins anywhere from one to three weeks after surgery as advised by your surgeon.


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