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If you are one of those who wonders whether to have a tummy tuck or a liposuction, then read more to take the right decision. Both this plastic surgery procedure reduce the excess abdominal fat. So which one to go far? If you have lost, sagging skin and noteworthy stretch mark after your delivery then the tummy tuck would be a right choice for you, as liposuction will only suck the superfluous fat in the abdomen. If you are a male or a young girl and your problem is only surfeit fat in your stomach then liposuction will give you perfect solution.

Tummy tuck Houston procedures begin with an incision in much lower part of the abdomen, so that the scar does not generally leave an embarrassment when you are in your bikini. Through the incision, the muscle is tightened and the excessive fat is removed.

Once the tummy tuck is done, there will be two visible scars for some time. One is the incision made above the pubic area in your lowest part of the abdomen and the next is around the belly button. However, in due course of time, these scars fade away as your stunning look overtake one’s attention that the scar. It does hurt after a tummy tuck as the muscle has been tightened. Chances of getting swelling are also unavoidable.

The plastic surgery procedure is simple that one needs not stay overnight in the hospital. If you are working women, one can resume work in less than two weeks time. However, it is advised not to start working-out not before its three weeks to one month. Walking can be done though by health conscious ladies.

So tummy tuck is the best remedy to shed those extra kilos from your abdomen and to wipe off the stretch mark almost to a 90% extent. It’s sure to get back the confidence and stunning look.

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