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A buttlift is something women have turned to when they are unable to get the shape they want through diet and exercise. While some seem to naturally have the look, others have to get a little help with injections or implants. Which method you choose is based on your body type to know if you could handle injecting fat from other parts of your body or not. If not, butt implants are the better option.

Consider Your Buttlift Options

If you are considering plastic surgery in order to enhance your buttox, the buttlift injections will give you a look that is natural. This is because the fat that they inject into your buttox is taken through liposuction and once it is fully prepared, it is injected in particular areas of the buttox to enhance it and give you the shape you want.

However, but injections are not ideal if you have a petite frame with less than ideal fat. If this is you, butt implants will probably be the option your plastic surgeon recommends. While a Brazilian buttlift in Houston, TX has its benefits, your surgeon will give you the pros and cons so you can decide on which procedure you want to do.

Know What to Expect

One thing that must be known when getting a buttlift is that you will need to avoid sitting directly on the buttox for up to three weeks and swelling may occur for up to six weeks. While you can return to work after two weeks, normal activities may have to be avoided for up to four weeks. While this may seem less than ideal, the end result is generally worth this inconvenience. It is important that you follow these directions or you will not get the results that you expected. Your plastic surgeon will go over everything you need to know after getting a buttlift so you can make the necessary arrangements.


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