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Breast reconstruction surgery, just like any type of surgery, can be a big decision to make. It may be an easy choice for some to help gain back their confidence after a mastectomy while others need more time to think about their choices. Choosing the right surgeon can make all the difference. Knowing your options and understanding the process is important to know that you will feel happy with your decision after the surgery.

After a mastectomy, women often have to deal with many different emotions and are required to make numerous decisions. Choosing not to have Houston breast reconstruction surgery means that the scar across your chest will remain and you will have to decide if you feel comfortable wearing a prostheses or would rather go without. If you are thinking about breast reconstruction there are a few things to consider. Which plastic surgeon to use, when to do the procedure, and which reconstructive process is best for you?

Immediate breast reconstructive surgery is both possible and preferable to some. You won’t have to undergo a second surgery and hospital stay. It also prevents women from having to see themselves without a breast. On the other hand, delayed surgery is best for those that decide they need some time to think about this option. Since there is no time limit, breast reconstruction surgery can be scheduled at any time.

There are two types of reconstruction procedures a plastic surgeon can perform. Breast implants requires the surgeon to place an inflatable tissue expander behind the chest muscle and gradually, over several weeks or months, a saline solution is injected to expand the breast. Tissue flaps is the other option. For this, a section of tissue from your abdomen or back is relocated to the breast area.

It is important to discuss which procedure you feel more comfortable with and when you would prefer to have the surgery done. An experienced plastic surgeon will go over these options with you and show you photos of other women that have had breast reconstruction surgery from them.

The expertise of the Houston cosmetic surgeons at MD Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is accentuated by their concern for their patients and their drive to give them the best experience during their procedures. They provide cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, such as laser hair removal, breast reconstruction, and Houston breast implants.

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