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Though laser hair removal is FDA approved and considered safe for removal of unwanted hair, people are rather apprehensive about laser hair removal near eyes. This includes concerns about laser hair removal complications for hair high on cheeks, between the eyes and nose and above eyebrows.

This is because the sensitive organs eyes are vulnerable to damage by laser light beams. There is a possibility of the laser burning the retina and causing permanent damage to the eyes in the process. In fact, both the patient and doctor will not know that the damage takes place till it is too late to do anything. The adverse effects of laser hair removal could far outweigh the benefits if the right precautions are not taken. Moreover, laser hair removal can cause skin and tissue scarring.

Find out more about the laser being used

It is because of all this that people always wonder if laser hair removal should be used to remove hair around the eyes or not. In fact, some clinics and cosmetic surgeons don’t recommend laser hair removal for eyebrows and between the brows as the risk is too great. They suggest using tweezing, electrolysis or waxing for removing unwanted hair in these facial regions.

If your Houston medical spa doctor is willing to use laser hair removal procedure to remove hair around the eyes, find out more about the laser to be used. Find out the laser irradiance which is the amount of light energy the laser emits, the exposure duration or how long your skin and eyes are exposed to light and the beam size of the laser before undergoing laser hair removal.

Wear laser hair removal eye protection

Use a specialist’s services for laser hair removal in Houston around the eyes as the right tools have to be used to do this. Moreover, you have to wear eye protection during laser hair removal. Different lasers require different types of eyewear to protect the eyes from laser light. Your doctor will know which eyewear to wear, and will also ask you to keep your eyes closed during the procedure.

Even if you consider laser hair removal to remove hair in the eye region, you have to find out if it will effectively remove your unwanted hair. Light and fine textured facial hair and darker skin tones do not respond well to laser hair removal as the laser targets the hair follicle pigment. So make sure you consult a laser hair removal specialist to clearly find out if you are a good candidate for the procedure.

Permanent removal of hair using laser can be achieved by precisely following each treatment protocol recommended by a Houston cosmetic surgeon at Bella Rosa Clinic.

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