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Your breast enlargement may seem like a good idea in the beginning but over time you may find yourself thinking they are too large and you are starting to feel uncomfortable due to backaches or because of the unwanted attention people are giving you if they do not look natural. No matter what the reason is, this can be avoided by thoroughly going over the decision on what size you want to be. If you have decided your breast enlargement is too large there are some options available but another difficult decision can be made in order to reduce the amount of scarring you are left with.

Questions to Ask Your Plastic Surgeon
During a breast enlargement consultation you can discuss with your plastic surgeon what size implants they can use so your breasts look larger but still natural compared to your body frame. If looking natural is not a concern of yours you can discuss how large you can go before certain health problems may arise in the future due to the extra weight on your chest that your body is not built for. In order to avoid having to reverse your breast enlargement surgery, this type of discussion needs to take place so you can make an educated decision.

Post-Surgery Options
Women who have had breast enlargement surgery in the past have a couple of options if they have later decided that the implants are too large. They can speak with their plastic surgeon about taking out the larger implants and putting smaller ones in. They may decide just to take out the implants altogether. However, scarring and extra skin may make the area look less than attractive. Going over the options and choosing the best for your situation will help you come to the best decision for your body.


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