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Constant attack of wind, sun, emotional changes, hormonal changes, and pollution on the skin can lead to wear and tear of the skin structure. Moreover, the body’s natural moisture retaining hyaluronic acid HA levels start deteriorating with age to create lines around the lips, nose, jaws, cheek and lips to give an older and tired look.

Besides using Botox to eliminate all these lines and signs of aging, the relatively new juvederm beauty treatments help add volume to facial tissue while restoring a smoother appearance. Juvederm gel is basically a colorless form of hyaluronic acid that when injected, moisturizes your skin from inside to increase its elasticity and tone.

As juvederm beauty treatments are made from non-animal form of hyaluronic acid, there is a minimal risk of allergy and hypersensitivity reactions. Therefore there is no need of taking any skin tests before getting your juvederm dermal filler in Houston.

Juvederm benefits


The benefit of using juvederm beauty treatments over other dermal fillers is that it comes with a built in local anesthetic in its formula to give a virtually painless treatment experience. Moreover, when compared to traditional HA fillers, the ultra range of juvederm beauty products have less bruising.

An added benefit of using juvederm beauty products is that its manufacturing process results in a high concentration of cross linked particles that help increase the longevity of the product, and for giving longer lasting effects.

A juvederm beauty treatment can last between six to twelve months after which a re-treatment will be required to maintain results. The cross linked particles in juvederm also translate into a gel, making the filler feel very soft to touch when injected.

Different products for different treatments

Not one juvederm filler, but a range of fillers are used for different juvederm beauty treatments. The choice is made based on the area to be enhanced or treated. It is also possible to use juvederm beauty treatments with other beauty treatments like Botox.

Such a process is called the Liquid Facelift where the upper third of the face is helped by Botox and the lower two-thirds, with Juvederm. This is a widely used application for achieving significant aesthetic improvement and can be used on all skin types.

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