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Laser hair removal comes with a wide range of benefits that both men and women can enjoy. Everyone has unwanted hair that they have to take the time to shave or wax. Since we all wish we had more time in the morning to get ready, we can finally do something to help make the morning go a little faster by having less to do.
How Long Laser Hair Removal Works?

If you are thinking about getting laser hair reduction, you need to know what to expect so you are satisfied with results. First, the laser only works on hair follicles that are in a certain part of their growth cycle. At any given time, hair follicles are dormant, which means the laser will not work on it. Since this is the case, multiple treatments are needed in order to make sure all hair follicles are affected.

The length of time laser hair removal works will vary from person to person. Some will see no new hair growth for years, while others may notice it up to six months after treatment. When you visit a medspa to inquire about laser hair removal, they will talk to you about how the treatment works and how long you may be able to expect to see no new hair growth.
Is Laser Hair Removal Painful?

This is another question whose answer depends on the person. Most patients feel as if they have a rubber band slapping against their skin through laser hair removal but for most, the pain level is minimal. You will be awake for the procedure so you can tell the doctor who is performing the procedure if you are uncomfortable.
How Much Does Laser Hair Reduction Cost?

The amount of money you spend on laser hair removal will depend on where you have it done and the type of technology they use for the procedure. The best way is to visit a medspa that offers laser hair removal and ask what their rates are.

Bella Rosa, a Houston Med Spa, performs laser hair removal for men and women who want to get rid of unwanted hair without pain and discomfort. Other treatments they offer include Botox injections, microdermabrasion, and laser tattoo removal.

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