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There are several plastic surgery procedures that can be done to alter size and volume of breasts, and one of the most popular is breast reduction surgery. In a breast reduction procedure, plastic surgeons remove fat, glandular tissue, and skin, and they decrease the size of breasts in proportion to a person’s body. Breast reductions are usually carried out on people who experience physical discomfort from the size of their breasts, as the reduction can alleviate this discomfort. If you’re considering getting a breast reduction, check out the information below. The following criteria can outline whether you’re a good candidate for the procedure and whether you should consider visiting a plastic surgeon for further consultation.
Breast reduction surgery in Houston

Your Breasts are Too Large in Proportion to Your Body Size

If you have large breasts but the rest of your body is small and petite, you may be a good candidate for breast reduction surgery. Breast reductions can reduce your breasts so that they are more aligned with the size of the rest of your body parts.

You Have Pain Because of Your Breasts

Very large breasts have been known to cause back, neck, and shoulder pain in women. Women who are in pain because of their breasts can get a breast reduction, which will reduce the volume and weight of breasts so that they are no longer as heavy and don’t strain the upper body.

Your Breasts are Not Equal Size

Some women have two breasts of two different sizes. If your breasts are different sizes, then you may want to consider getting the larger one reduced to the size of the other. Expert plastic surgeons can remove the right amount of fat and tissue two ensure that your two breasts end up looking nearly identical.

You Are Self Conscious About Your Breast Size

Women who have very large breasts may be self-conscious about their size. If you feel self-conscious or uncomfortable with your appearance, you may want to get breast reduction surgery to boost your confidence and enhance your overall enjoyment in life.

Your Breasts Are Heavy and Droop

Very large breasts are extremely heavy, and they often droop — with nipples and areolas that point down to your feet. Breasts that droop are often too large, and this problem can be remedied via a breast reduction surgery.

Your Breasts Hinder Your Life

If you have very large breasts, you may have discovered that they hinder your life in multiple ways. Some women with large breasts have trouble sleeping because they cause discomfort when you are lying down. Others can’t play sports because they inhibit physical movement. Also, women with very large breasts may have a hard time finding clothes that fit them well and bras that don’t cut into shoulders because they are so tight. If you’ve found that your breasts are getting in the way of your life, breast reduction surgery is a good way to remedy your physical discontent and increase your overall satisfaction with your body.If you are considering getting a breast reduction, contact Dr. Mark A. Schusterman. He can determine whether you are a good candidate for the procedure and walk you through how the process will affect your body.

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