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Labia reduction is not something many people know about, even women. However, it has helped many get rid of the discomfort they have had to deal with when wearing certain clothes or doing certain activities. It is not just for those who feel self-conscious about the way their labia looks. Just like rhinoplasty, labiaplasty is performed by plastic surgeons and can be done for health reasons as well as those who have cosmetic reasons for wanting a smaller labia.

Reconstructive Labiaplasty
Most women can wear tight clothing, as well as go jogging or horseback riding without being uncomfortable or in pain. However, there are those who experience pain in the vaginal area when wearing tight jeans and pants or participating in sports and other activities. For many, labiaplasty is their solution to get rid of the pain and have the freedom to wear any type of clothing they want without having to worry about it being uncomfortable. Labiaplasty removes the excess skin that is causing the discomfort so the labia is smaller in size.

Women may have a large labia due to genetics or it is caused after giving birth to children. In addition to causing discomfort when wearing clothes or playing sports, it can also cause pain during intercourse. Since it can affect many aspects of a woman’s life it can be an easy decision to get labia reduction surgery. Some health insurance policies may cover some or all of the cost depending on the woman’s reasons for having the procedure done and what negative health conditions it is causing.

Cosmetic Labia Reduction
Some women experience psychological discomfort because they are unhappy with the way their labia looks, which can hinder intimate experiences. Labia reduction can give them the self-esteem they deserve to enjoy romantic activities. The cost for cosmetic labiaplasty is not covered from health insurance but many surgeons will do their best to offer payment options to patients.


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