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Labiaplasty requires some thought for those who are looking to reduce the size of their labia for cosmetic reasons. If it is reconstructive the thought process can be much different with less thought before a decision is made for when they want to have the procedure done. These can be discussed with your plastic surgeon or doctor if you are in the process of deciding when or if you want to have labiaplasty.


Cosmetic Labiaplasty

Women who want this procedure because they are uncomfortable with the way their labia looks due to genetics or after giving birth to one or more children. If the labia is not causing them any pain it is purely for cosmetic purposes. It needs to be the right time to have cosmetic labiaplasty to prevent needing a second surgery in the future. Women who are not done having children may opt to postpone the surgery until after they have finished childbearing so the trauma of a vaginal birth does not stretch the labia out again. Some may decide a solution is to have a cesarean section the next time they give birth but this is a personal decision that needs to be thought of prior to labia reduction surgery.


Reconstructive Labiaplasty

Women who want labiaplasty because they are unable to comfortably wear tight pants, play certain sports, or have intercourse will often not want to wait. Some health insurance companies cover the cost of surgery if the woman is in a lot of pain due to an overly large labia. Labia reduction surgery does not have to wait for a woman to reach a certain age and when pain is involved it is often a risk they are willing to take to have children in the future only to need the surgery again to correct any damage childbirth caused.

Whether you decide to have labiaplasty now or in the future is completely up to you and what you feel comfortable with. You can speak with your doctor and plastic surgeon to help determine which is best for you and your situation and what the chances are of needing a second surgery in the future.


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