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Labiaplasty surgery in Houston can help women be more confident in intimate settings by removing the excess skin of the inner lips that is often caused by giving birth or by genetics. Women that should consider labiaplasty often experience pain and discomfort during intercourse or be uncomfortable when simply wearing jeans and panties. A reputable plastic surgeon can discuss the process so women know what to expect during and after the procedure is performed.

Good candidates for Houston labiaplasty include women who feel any type of discomfort from larger than normal labia minora. Young, healthy women that are fully developed as well as adult women are ideal candidates for labiaplasty surgery. Just like other plastic surgery procedures, those with underlying medical conditions are not recommended to have this surgery done due to the higher risk of harmful side effects. However, discussing it with a reputable plastic surgeon can help answer any questions to determine if they are a good match for the surgery.

Since labiaplasty is in a private area, women need to seek advice from an experienced plastic surgeon who is professional and confidential. A plastic surgeon in Houston will look over the woman’s complete medical history to ensure there are no factors that would effect the outcome of the surgery. The plastic surgeon will discuss with the women what expectations can be met as well as details of the recovery a women will undergo after labiaplasty surgery.

It is important for women to be honest with their plastic surgeons in order to receive proper care throughout the whole process. Not mentioning exactly what prescription drugs are currently being taken or any medical issues that have occurred in the past can lead to serious health risks. When convsidering labiaplasty, women must discuss what the desired outcome is so a plastic surgeon can let them know if those expectations can be reached or recommend other solutions.

Houston plastic surgeons at MD Aesthetic Plastic Surgery perform labiaplasty to rejuvenation a woman’s vaginal area. Other plastic surgery procedures their top-rated plastic surgeons offer include Botox injections, Houston laser hair removal, and breast augmentation in Houston.

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