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Laser hair removal is a great option to use for removing unwanted hair from the body or face. However, many a times, Houston laser hair removal just does not seem to work for everyone. Some people find better and faster results while others require longer and more sessions to have their hair removed.

The reason for all this boils down to the color of the hair and skin of the person opting to get their hair removed. The best candidates for Houston laser hair removal are those with white skin and dark hair. However those with white skin and light hair are not lucky enough to experience the best results with laser hair removal.

Why Is Laser Hair Removal for Gray Hair Difficult?

Those with black or medium skin and dark hair can have their hair removed by laser.  However, they cannot expect very efficient and complete hair removal. Moreover, a special laser has to be used to remove the hair. This is because it is rather difficult targeting light hair on white skin, and dark hair on dark skin.

Now, the question lies about using laser hair removing techniques on gray hair. This is a rather tricky question as there is no straightforward answer. It basically depends on the skin color. The lighter is the skin color, the more difficult it is for the laser to target the gray hair follicle for laser hair removing.

However if the patient has dark skin, it is easier for the laser to target the hair follicle. However as lasers are generally meant to target dark hair follicles on the skin, people with gray hair should consult to their laser hair technician before opting for laser hair removal of gray hair.

Professionals at med spas are the best people to consult for advice in getting gray hair removed using laser treatments in Houston.


Houston medspa Bella Rosa Clinic utilizes the latest technology and the most experienced of technicians to ensure each clients’ complete satisfaction when having laser hair removal.  More than a day spa, Bella Rosa functions under the direct supervision of a top cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Mark A. Schusterman, to ensure the safest, most effective laser hair removal in Houston.

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