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Not everyone has eyebrows they are happy with. Some people have too thick, too thin, too straight or misshapen eyebrows, and just hate the way their faces look. They thus look for means of reshaping their eyebrows to make their face look better, and to gain self-confidence.

The hair removal options most people use for reshaping their eyebrows are waxing the eyebrows which is rather painful and using tweezers to pull unwanted hair, which in turn is both painful and time consuming.

A much better and permanent cure for shaping your eyebrows is laser hair removal. Most people are skeptical about using lasers to shape their eyebrows as they are rather uncomfortable about having a laser pointed to their eyes.

They fear the possibility of their eyes getting damaged in the process. However, the truth is that laser hair removal is certified to be safe to use even in the eyebrow region by the FDA. The procedure has been around for more than ten years, after twenty years of testing.

Lasers are most commonly used in shaping eyebrows by getting rid of the glabella, or the uni-brow. Both men and women prefer using this procedure for shaping their eyebrows, so that they no longer have to pluck, shave or wax their hair off.

The procedure
At the start of the process, the technician will apply some cream to the eyebrows to cool the laser before touching your skin. This helps in controlling burning and swelling after shaping the eyebrows, which disappears within a few hours of the treatment.

For additional safety, the technician will give you protective goggles to protect your eyes from the laser light. The goggles provide protection to your eyes, in case the laser slips during the process.

Cheap option
Removing your eyebrows using a laser is relatively cheap as you just have to pay $100 to $150 for a session. The exact amount is decided based on your skin and eyebrow color and on the amount of hair to be removed. You will have to undergo four to five sessions, after which your eyebrows will be the shape you look for, and no more a bother to you.

Comfort wise, laser hair removal is very comfortable as it takes only 15 minutes to shape your eyebrows. After this, there will be some irritation on the skin, similar to mild sunburn that however disappears in 2 to 7 days’ time.

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