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Choosing a top plastic surgeon in Houston for laser hair removal can be a daunting task when looking at all the choices. With the new technology available today, virtually anyone can benefit from a laser hair removal or reduction procedure. While the most dramatic difference can be seen with men and women that have dark skin and light hair, blond and gray hair patients will notice a difference after several laser hair removal treatments. Finding the right plastic surgeon is key to a successful experience.

There are Various Techniques to Remove Blond Hair

Those with blond and gray hair can do laser hair removal in Houston. A plastic surgeon that has bought new equipment with the latest technology can remove or reduce hair just like those with dark hair. Men and women that have light hair, such as blond and gray, can speak with their plastic surgeon about what type of technology is being used to remove the hair. Some plastic surgeons use older technology that have less success rates for removing blond and gray hair. However, once a patient finds a clinic that has up-to-date technology they can remove their unwanted hair. Another option is to dye the hair follicle cell with an FDA approved method that uses Meladine. Meladine has a natural compount that is found in marine squid ink that helps darken the hair. By doing this, the laser hair removal process is more effective.

It is important to speak with several different plastic surgeons in Houston to ask them questions on what type of equipment they use and if it will work on blond and gray hair. A laser hair removal plastic surgeon that has more experience doing the procedure, and has the right type of technology, can remove or reduce blond and gray just as easily as those with dark hair. Choose wisely and you can have a great experience removing unwanted hair.

The Houston plastic surgeons at Bella Rosa MedSpa perform laser hair removal for those with blond and gray hair. Men and women that are looking to turn back the clock will find their skin rejuvenation procedures, such as the best chemical peels and Botox in Houston.

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