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Laser hair removal has come along way over the years. In the beginning only certain hair types and colors could be successfully treated. Today, lasers have become better and have less limitations. However, some types of hair require special lasers and more treatments than others. Clinics and med spas that offer laser hair removal may not be able to help every patient depending on the equipment they have.

Common Areas for Laser Hair Removal

Even with the technological advances that have helped laser hair removal become more successful, there are still areas that people prefer to use with this treatment. The legs, armpits, chin, upper lip, and bikini line are the most popular places patients choose for laser hair removal. In order to get rid of unwanted hair elsewhere they may still resort to shaving, waxing, or plucking. Some clinics offer full body laser hair removal services but how successful this is depends on each person.

Not Everyone will Benefit from Laser Hair Removal

Unfortunately laser hair removal is not perfect today. Those with white, blond, and gray hair will find that the lasers will not effect their hair growth. Men and women with light skin and dark hairs often see the best results. However, if you do not fit under this description that does not mean laser hair removal will not work for you. Instead, visit a cosmetic surgeon to see if they have newer lasers that have less limitations regarding the type of skin or hair. An experienced surgeon can customize your treatment and discuss it with you during your consultation.

Each individual person can determine where they want to get laser hair removal treatments since it can be done all over the body with their surgeon’s approval. Going over the risks and what to expect after each treatment can be done by setting up a time to consult with a cosmetic surgeon who is experienced performing laser hair removal.

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