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It is quite obvious that laser skin tightening is carried out using lasers. These lasers are used to tighten old and loose skin to make your skin look younger. Since the inception of this technology, where radiofrequency was used for lasers, the new infrared frequency has lowered the risk and recovery times of the treatment. Even the penetration depth has been increased to provide better skin tightening.

The process

Laser skin tightening is a relatively short process. First of all, infrared frequency or laser frequency waves are applied on the skin to be treated. This frequency helps wave through the middle skin layer called dermis.

This wave works therapeutically by heating the support framework or the collagen and elastin fibers of skin. With this heat, there is a contraction of the aged and disorganized collagen fibers that stimulates fibroblasts to induce the re-growth of new collagen.

In other words, these frequencies heat the water in your skin to cause uniform heating in the area to be treated. This process in laser skin tightening is called collagen remodeling, which produces firmer and smoother skin. To maintain the health of the skin during the process, a cooling system is used to keep the skin surface layer or epidermis cool. This full process generally takes an hour to complete.


While preparing for laser skin tightening, the patient should avoid contact with direct sunlight for about 3-4 weeks. If you have to go out, apply a sunscreen of at least 25+ both before and after the treatment.

If you are prone to cold sores, it is better to apply the prophylactic antiviral therapy like Valtrex at least a day before the treatment and continue this for a week after. If you have a habit of applying vitamin A creams like Retin-A, stop it at least a week before the treatment.

Looking at all this, it proves that laser skin tightening is actually a very comfortable procedure. Unlike most of the modern skin treatment options, there is no need of using any anesthesia while performing the surgery. This means that you can return to your normal activities immediately on completing your laser skin tightening procedure.

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