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Houston laser tattoo removal is an effective way to remove red and dark ink tattoos, in addition to other popular colors over several treatments. Proper skin care is needed to keep it healthy and to prevent any scarring. There are tattoo creams available to help moisturize the skin and keep it from getting infected. It is best to research the different surgeons in the area when learning how to remove tattoos to know where a patient can trust they are in good care.

Those with tattoo regrets can turn to Houston MedSpas to learn if they are good candidates for laser tattoo removal. If so, patients are asked to avoid sun exposure and tanning beds before and during the treatment period. Each treatment is scheduled six to eight weeks apart to let the skin heal and allow loosening of the ink from the previous treatment.

What to Expect Between Treatments

Medspas in Houston talk to their patients about what their skin may do after each treatment. Some may experience swelling and blistering for the first couple of days. A white crust may develop immediately after the treatment. Proper care of the wound using antibiotic cream and changing the bandages periodically in order to prevent infection is recommended. Patients can take an acetaminophen for any pain, as well as elevate the treated area to reduce swelling. Lightening of the tattoo can be seen four to eight weeks after a treatment.

Proper skin care is a must in order for laser tattoo removal to be successful with minimal scarring and infection. Sun exposure can be avoided by using sun block on the treated area that is not covered by clothing. Since scabbing can occur, it is important to use an antibiotic to keep the area from becoming infected. The cosmetic surgeon that performs the laser tattoo removal treatment speaks to their patient before a treatment is done to fill them in on what to expect after the treatment and proper skin care techniques.


Tattoo removal in Houston can be performed by a reputable cosmetic surgeon. They offer reasonably priced skin rejuvenation procedures, including Houston Microdermabrasion and effective chemical peels in Houston, TX.

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