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Laser tattoo removal in Houston is available for men and women who no longer want the tattoo being showcased on their skin. While some colors are easier to take off using a laser, virtually all colors can come off over multiple treatments. Getting a tattoo off can usually be done without it being too uncomfortable but local anesthesia can be used if necessary.

Laser tattoo removal is performed by a Houston plastic surgeon with the proper equipment and experience. Each treatment lasts for 10 to 30 minutes depending on the size and where it is located on the body. If that tattoo is light it may only need one treatment. Virtually all colors can be successfully treated. The best colors to use for laser tattoo removal include dark and red ink. However, sky blue, green, and lighter colors can be successfully removed after multiple treatments. Each treatment is spaced out six to eight weeks so the skin has time to eliminate any loosened particles the previous treatment caused.

Houston Medspa offers laser tattoo removal in addition to other skin rejuvenation procedures. Patients interested in laser tattoo removal can set up an appointment with a plastic surgeon to talk about their tattoo in regards to how many treatments it may take to be removed, how long each treatment will last, and what is the proper way to care for the skin after each treatment. Cooling of the skin with an ice pack to reduce swelling may be necessary, although swelling generally subsides after 30 minutes. The next few weeks after a treatment patients can see the tattoo gradually fading.

There are other ways to remove a tattoo from the skin. These procedures include surgical incision, chemical peels, and salabrasion. Unfortunately, these options are more painful and leave scars. With Houston tattoo removal, using lasers does not leave scarring and is the least uncomfortable of the options. A plastic surgeon can discuss each type of tattoo removal procedure to determine which is best for the tattoo that is to be removed.

Houston plastic surgeon, Museum District Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, performs laser tattoo removal, spider vein treatments, and Houston laser hair removal with excellent results. Their surgeons are two of Houstonians top picks for plastic surgeons. also provides information on laser liposuction, tummy tucks and breast augmentation Houston.

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