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Cystic acne or modular cystic acne is best treated with acne laser treatment. Cystic acne causes painful skin infections with pus filled pustules that cannot be treated overnight. This is why most people suffering from cystic acne resort to laser treatment in Houston after all natural treatments fail in treating the condition.

Houston cosmetic surgeons have used various techniques for tackling ugly cystic acne scars like dermabrasion, chemical peels and laser acne treatment. Laser treatment in Houston lets the doctor retain complete control over the acne treatment process without any loss of blood.

Acne laser treatment for Cystic Acne

Houston cosmetic surgeons use wand like lasers to burn off the scarred skin cells that remain after a cystic acne attack. Once the scarred skin cells are removed, fresh skin cells replace them. Acne laser treatment is so precise in treatment that the Houston cosmetic surgeon can easily target only affected skin tissue and leave the unaffected skin alone. This is what makes this cystic acne treatment so effective in treating facial cystic acne and its scars.

Houston medspas use two types of lasers for cystic acne scar removal. One is Erbium or erbium: YAG laser and the other is carbon dioxide. Erbium produces laser of precise wavelength that penetrates the skin wherein the skin moisture readily absorbs it. The laser produces scattered heat while leaving normal skin unaffected.

Carbon dioxide laser emits short bursts of high energy laser light that vaporizes only scarred skin tissue to leave fresh skin. However not everyone can use this acne laser treatment for treating cystic acne. It is only the patients who meet some parameters who can use this laser acne treatment for treating cystic acne.

All Houston cosmetic surgeons who perform laser acne treatment are professionals in the field of laser therapy. They have sufficient artistic abilities to re-craft the affected acne skin tissue after a cystic acne attack using the help of a precise laser.


Houston Med Spa Bella Rosa Clinic, is a full service spa operating under the direction of world-class Houston cosmetic surgeons and within the confines of MD Aesthetics Plastic Surgical Center.  Patrons seeking acne laser treatment in Houston can rest assured they will receive the utmost attention and optimal results.

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