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As one grows older, the color of one’s lips tends to fade with age. Though it’s possible to use lipsticks and lip color to give some temporary color to the lips, there are some people who prefer using lip augmentation Houston to improve not only the color but also the shape of their lips.

In lip augmentation, lip injections are injected under the dermal layer of lips, so that the shape and appearance of the lips are changed. The procedure is also called autologous fat transfer or fat grafting. It is your own body fat that is injected into your lips so that your lips look fuller and enhanced.

In extreme cases where lip augmentation does not help in enhancing the appearance of your lips, surgeons may consider using local flap grafting as a final alternative. With this procedure, skin and tissues from your interior mouth flap are used for enhancement of the appearance of your lips.

Rectify asymmetrical lips

While the most common reason for lip augmentation is to enhance the color of the lips, there are some people who undergo it to give their asymmetrical lips a better shape. Lip augmentation also helps in reducing the wrinkles and lines that develop around your lips as you grow older.

It is important that you are in excellent health conditions to undergo lip augmentation. Lip augmentation can be done in both men and women and is carried out after the patient is given local anesthesia.

Possible side effects

Lip augmentation and enhancement span an hour or two where the duration may change depending on the complexity and type of lip enhancement procedure you use. Like all Houston cosmetic surgery procedures, augmentation of lips has its share of risks and side effects.

There is a possibility of your experiencing inflammation, bruising, numbness and redness in your lips, which may last a few weeks. This is why it’s better to use the services of an experienced plastic surgeon for lip augmentation. Don’t forget to discuss the process with them and discuss all your fears and expectations about the procedure before undergoing it.

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