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Liposuction is something people turn to when they are having trouble losing the last extra few pounds or have seen excess fat build up over the years. Since it is not used as a weight loss method, it is not realistic to think that you can safely go through a liposuction procedure and lose all your excess weight. Instead, diet and exercise is advised until you are near your goal. Once there, liposuction can help give you the shape you want.

Reasons to Wait

One reason a plastic surgeon will tell you to hold off on lipoplasty is if you still have a certain amount of weight to lose before the surgery would benefit you or it could cause unwanted side effects. Also, you want to know that you can maintain the new shape you are given after surgery, which means choosing a healthy lifestyle by eating right and exercising. If you cannot commit to it then you will find your old body is creeping back.

Reasons to Get Liposuction Now

With new technology available for liposuction, you do not have to struggle with with last few pounds in order to achieve your weight loss goals. Liposuction can help take away the stubborn pounds commonly found on your thighs, stomach, and hips so you can fit into the clothes you want and flaunt your new look. Rather than not like what you see in the mirror, make the decision to feel confident about the way you look with a little help.

The amount of time you must recover from liposuction will vary based on the actual procedure you choose and how many areas are treated. You may typically expect to take it easy for up to two weeks after surgery. You can speak with your Houston cosmetic surgeon to get a better idea on how long you will need to recuperate.


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